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Was I rude? 2009/3/26 23:31
I have a friend her name is Felicia and she is half japanese she's really nice.Anyways, I two weeks ago she and I hanged out at a BBQ. Then then that friday we went to a circus. After that we didn'tsee each other for a week, but we e-mailed and so I'm moving soon and I invited her to come with me and my friends to the mall this saturday and she hadn't replied. So I was wondering if it's rude to ask to hang out more then once in two weeks? I only asked her once and that was at the circus and it was only coincidance at the BBQ. She said that she really does want to talk to me but she's shy. Maybe I did something wrong at the circus I don't know, but I'm just wondering cause she's really nice and I don't want to do anything to offend her. Soif anyone can answer me I would really appreciate it thankyou
by Namida no yuki (guest)  

. 2009/3/27 00:23
Call her one more time and ask her if she got your message. Tell her you really want to see her and if the day doesn't work with her, suggest an alternative. If she doesn't sound keen on the idea, then you should ask her what is wrong.

It is better to speak up than worrying.
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Not especially Japanese 2009/3/27 08:36
I'm guessing that Felicia grew up outside of Japan, in the country you are in now? If that is the case then she is basically the same as any other girl in your country, she is not going to be particularly Japanese- I'm assuming you asked here because you think she is showing some kind of particularly Japanese behaviour- no, she isn't.

In any case it's not odd for people in Japan to hang out twice in two weeks. If she keeps turning you down, I'm afraid it's likely she just doesn't want to hang out with you.
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