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Tokyo public markets 2009/3/27 14:24
Tokyo 23-ku
I will be going to Tokyo in May and I love to browse and visit the local public markets. But I only know of Tsukiji and Ameyoko, Are there others? Pls advise and thank you.
by Teresa (guest)  

Tokyo public markets 2009/3/29 02:43
Nakamise dori in Asakusa is pretty good,
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Not really from Brazil 2009/3/29 09:11
There are not a lot of public markets in Japan like in other Asian countries- people prefer to go to supermarkets or shop at small family run places here.

Tsukiji and Ameyoko are about it for anything larger than just a few stalls- Nakimise is mostly somewhat tacky souvenirs aimed at tourists, not really a market along the lines of Tsukiji.
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department store basements and archades 2009/3/29 11:31
I love to visit public markets when I travel abroad, but I think the closest experience you can get when in central Tokyo, next to those already named, is to go to the basement floor of department stores. It's quite fun and active, actually. Otherwise, go to the subburbs and you can enjoy shopping archades of more residental areas. Towns like Kichijoji and Musashikoyama are among the famous ones in Tokyo.
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Yanakaginza 2009/3/30 23:55
Try Yanakaginza. It is off of Nippori station (JR). It's just basically one street of markets and shops, but it's pretty fun.
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Markets 2009/3/31 08:22
I like the Kichijoji shopping arcades as well and there is even a small "wet market" there as well- not really worth the trip out to the suburbs if you have limited time in Japan though.

By the way, I have no idea how the "from Brazil" part ended up in my title, it was just supposed to be "not really"- I think it was a title I have used before which was added by my browser somehow!
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