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Japanese Geography 2009/3/28 09:21
I feel bad because I feel my knowledge of Japan does not extend even the slightest bit to Japan's geography. If someone mentions, Tokyo, Kyoto, Osaka, Kobe, Nara, Hokkaido or Okinawa, I can nod and say, ''Oh yeah.'' But, beyond that I am silly. I don't understand Japanese system: country to prefectures to cities/capitals?

But, I was wondering if anyone has a website, or tricks/tips for learning Japanese prefectures and topgraphical information.
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Japan 2009/3/28 15:33
you could try the section A-Z at the very top of this forum, and
ALSO to google whatever terms confuse you.
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... 2009/3/28 17:06
Look at maps of Japan and see if you can figure it out. What is it exactly about the prefectures and cities that confuse you? I thought it was a very simple system, similar to the states in the US, or provinces in Canada. Why do you want to memorise that kind of info anyway- do you have a specific goal? Have a look at wikipedia and other sites as well and read the overviews of the geography.
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Thanks... 2009/3/29 01:55
Not exactly the answers I was looking for. Nothing about Japanese geography confuses me, per se, but I can't always distinguish between prefectures and cities from hearing towns/prefectures I don't know the first time.

I would like to memorize all the prefectures and major cities so I can understand voting preferences by prefectures in Japan.

When I was younger, I had to do a similar thing in high school, where we had a map of the US, but there was some internet game where would drag the states into the map, and I found it to be really helpful.
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map of prefectures 2009/3/29 02:30
Here's a map of Japan's prefectures and the major cities in each:

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State-tris for prefectures. 2009/3/29 09:20
The internet game called State tris (can't remember spelling) has a version where you drag the prefectures into a map of Japan as well. Otherwise, just the traditional way- write out a list of the prefectures and their capitals, cover the prefectures and try to remember the capitals and vice versa until you know them by heart.
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... 2009/3/29 10:25
Here is a link to the game mentioned by Sira:
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them prefectures.. 2009/3/29 15:23
I am pretty sure many Japanese have to look in a book to figure out which prefecture town A and B are located in. I was born and raised in France, where we also have prefectures (it was originally a Roman term. A prefect was-still is in France--something like an unelected governor) anyway.. None of the French prefectures have the same name as the major town in that prefecture...At least in Japan some prefectures like Osaka, Hiroshima. etc. have the same name as their major town..
My grandma and people her generation knew the names of France 100 prefectures, the major town in each prefecture and the postal code... we younger generations don't have a clue, except for the few prefectures that make the region we live in....DON'T FRET.. Get a book..
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Thanks! 2009/3/30 13:46
That map-game is extremely helpful! Thank you so much.
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