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Grocery Store near Shinjuku Station? 2009/3/28 15:54
Tokyo 23-ku

I am currently in Tokyo for three weeks and our hotel is a block away from the Shinjuku Southern Terrace exit.

Does anybody know where I can find a grocery store (not just a convenience store) near by?

Thank you much,

by wonderflex  

list 2009/3/29 18:18

The top map in the above link shows locations of major supermarkets near Shinjuku Station. F in particular is fairly large and supposed to offer reasonable prices. Otherwise, take a train going outbound from central Tokyo. Shinjuku Station area is not really a place where people reside.
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In the station 2009/3/29 19:04
There's a supermarket in the station. Just take a look.
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foodie 2009/3/30 05:54
if you are after a foodie experience go to the basement food hall of the Isetan department store.....its amazing
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Thanks! 2009/4/2 09:58
Thank you guys much, I will go check them out. And in fact, I'm not looking for a foodie experience. More so just something I can eat.

I know many feel the opposite, but I really am not enjoying the food here. Something about the taste of the meat is really throwing me off.
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