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yokohoma baystars 2009/3/29 01:23
Hello. We have plans on viewing a Yokohoma baystars game on May 3rd. With it being Golden week, will it be difficult to purchase tickets the day of the game? What is the best way to get to the stadium from Yokosuka. Thanks in advance.
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YOKOHAMA BAYSTARS 2009/3/29 14:46
Get there about 3 hours before the game and you should not have a problem with tickets unless it is against the Giants then I would be there earlier.

At Yokosuka Chuo get either a PASSMO CARD or a JR transfer ticket to KannaiStation.

Get on the Keikyu train to Yokohama and exit at the JR Line sign (Go down stairs)

If you brought the PASMO card or a transfer ticket go thru the JR line turn style.

Look for the light Blue sign for tracks 3 & 4 or the JR Keihin-Tohoku Negishi Line

(If you go up the stairs to your right) to the platform board the train on your left or ask someone for the train to Sagawakichi or Kannai)

From Yokohama it is two stops (You will see the big Ferris wheel on your left at 1st stop) the 2nd stop (4 minutes from Yokohama) is Kannai.
Leave the train - go right to the exit down two flights of stairs and exit. If you did not get a passmo card buy your return tickets before you go to the ballpark.

Exit left to the outside and quickly turn right and you will see the Stadium.
Cross the street and walk to the right side of the stadium as soon as you enterthe park (Not the roadway) You will walk up at slight hill withthe stadium to your left.
Ticket are sold by the side you want to sit at. First ticket sales is for the 3rd base side (Visitors) and then after gate 3 is another ticket sales for the 1st base side (Baystars) .

For more info call me at 243-8468 in FISC - Ray Denny
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PASMO card 2009/3/31 12:04
Dennysan.....what is a PASMO card? Would it be beneficial for us to purchase one for each of us instead of paying for each train ride we go on? We plan on trying to go into Tokyo once, Kamakura once and Yokohoma for a baseball game while we're there. Thanks...Kelly
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. 2009/4/5 17:46
Suica and Pasmo is explained all here:

Pretty much they are prepaid cards that saves you the hassle of having to buy a ticket each time. Each person requires their own card.
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