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Sailor Moon! 2009/3/29 10:11
So I am a Sailor Moon fanatic and wish to know just about everywhere I can get Sailor Moon stuff. Costumes, (eng) manga/dvds, accessories, dolls, everything! Are they still selling A good amount of Sailor Moon stuff in Japan?

PLEASE let me know with as many places and links as possible. Please and thank you! :)
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sailormoon links 2009/3/29 21:36
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been there 2009/3/30 13:49
Thanks, but I already own the anime lol. I'm looking for the english manga, posters, clothes, fabrics, etc.
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... 2009/3/30 14:00
Hi, ^_^
I also like Sailor Moon. I haven't seen that much Sailor Moon stuff around, actually. These days it's all about Pretty Cure (the most popular magical girl anime of the moment).

However, you can certainly find some things around, for example it's easy to find manga (in Japanese); I've seen them in many second-hand stores (never looked for them new). If you want English manga etc, you'd probably have more luck in an English-speaking country.

If you go to an anime area like Akihabara, you can find some Sailor Moon figurines, etc. I've seen a number of them in some of the figuring shops. Haven't really noticed any posters, accessories, stationery, etc...
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Sailormoon doujinshi 2009/3/30 19:44
you probably can find Sailor Moon manga and doujinshi at Mandarake or at the different shops in Akihabara, but see also this thread: http://www.japan-guide.com/forum/quereadisplay.html?0+2...
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