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when to buy Kabuki-za one act tickets? 2009/3/30 04:30
Tokyo 23-ku
I know these one act tickets are same day only. I've read you can buy them only 20 minutes before the act starts -- I've also read you can buy them when the box office first opens in the morning. Does anyone know which is correct? I checked the official English website but couldn't figure it out. Thanks.
by Puffs (guest)  

Just so happens.. 2009/4/1 05:01
Just so happens, I went and saw a one act Kabuki show while on my tour. I watched it in Tokyo, not sure of the district or the station we got off at.

Anyways, People start lining up like 45 minutes to an hour before the show to buy tickets for the one act show, so get there early when you do. I didn't see anything about buying tickets before hand.
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