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Stylish clothing 2009/3/30 09:32
Id like to go shopping for some stylish clothing that looks good on westerners (men) but dont know a good place. Ive found most japanese clothing far too tight in the upper body (shoulders, arms, and chest) so not sure where to look..
by njkt  

. 2009/4/1 00:21
You can't find big enough clothing in Japan. Buy them at home.
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Clothing 2009/4/1 23:17
Hi njkt,

Although the answer above is rather abrupt he/she is right. You most likely will not find any that will suit your size. At least perhaps not the stylish sort you would be looking for.

I am the other way around luckily. That tight fit in the upper body suits me perfectly and I find it difficult to find clothes in Australia that fit me perfectly - But great in Japan.
Check out yesstyle.com as well, you might get lucky there.
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Isetan? 2009/4/8 23:40
I'm overweight (well, obese) and found clothes at Isetan in Shinjuku. They're expensive though.

Try Nissin or Cecile (the catalogue companies) or jshoppers.com. They carry up to a 10L for men. I'm a US 18/20 and I can wear a 5L or 6L. I like my clothes loose though. They ship nearly everywhere except Somalia and two other random countries.

Keep in mind I have a strange figure and their tops worked well for me.
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