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Clubs & Pubs in Kyoto 2009/3/30 19:15
Kyoto City
I'm staying in Kyoto and don't know any Japanese. I would like to know if anyone has advice on a good place to go out (whether in Pontocho or wherever) where I could mix with both other foreigners and Japanese in their 20s-30s who like hanging out with Westerners, etc. (Places backpackers may go, etc...?)

thanks - I'm staying at an inn and am VERY bored because there is no-one here but me! :)
by Kurt (guest)  

. 2009/4/1 05:22
Sam and Dave's. Lots of fun. Bring money.
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pubs 2009/4/2 23:05
theres quite a few irish/english bars in kawaramachi area. try the hub, its popular! sam and daves is a meat market, if thats what ur after!
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. 2009/4/3 00:34
Of course that's what he's after- he said he was alone.
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Actually... 2009/4/4 17:46
The hub sounds more like what I'm after. I'm not on the pull or anything! ;)
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