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Where to buy Kanzashi? 2009/3/31 03:47
I'm really looking for some cute and cool Kanzashi (preferably the ones that dangle....Kanzashi Bira Bira) and I can't seem to find any online (and right now I'm in college and there ain't crap up here. lol! Most of the stores sell clothes and stuff that represent the university. Can't wait to get back to the city!).

So does anyone know of any good websites to find really cool yet cheap Kanzashi? ebay doesn't seem to have very much.
by J-Girl08 (guest)  

Online store 2009/6/9 02:05
Etsy is a good place to start - better than ebay anyway!
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. 2009/6/9 02:46
Maybe Rakuten (search it). They have many things.
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. 2009/6/9 12:18
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