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calling a cell phone 2004/6/13 09:05
i am trying to call a cell phone in Tokyo area. the person said it is 08-03xxx-xxxx. but i thought the country code was 81. then i have heard that it might be 90. which is it, and what are the numbers that i should be dialing. im really frustrated with it. arggg.
by ebiztrader  

+81-90-XXXX-XXXX 2004/6/13 09:15
Country code of Japan is +81, i.e. 01181 from North America and 0081 from most other countries.

The area code for cell phones is usually 090, but you leave away the leading 0.

So, your phone numbe should probably look like:
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in other words 2004/6/13 09:18
You must not dial the area code for Tokyo. Like in st countries, cell phones have their own area code which does not depend on any area (because mobile phones are mobile!).

In Japan, I think most cell phones have area code 090.
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help! 2004/6/17 05:57
Okay... I, too, was given a 080 cell phone number for Tokyo. I have tried numerous versions of calling and cannot get through. Should I be dialing 011-81-90-xxxx-xxxx? This seems like too many numbers. The land line I have is 011-81-4-xxxx-xxxx. I would appreciate any help... as I am technologically challenged, I need things spelled out for me!
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Thanks Uji!! 2004/6/18 04:14
It works! I was able to get through by dialing 011-81-80-xxxx-xxxx! Hope this works for others as well...
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spelling out for cwb404 2004/6/18 11:51
Are you in North America?
And did you actually try 011-81-4-xxxx-xxxx?
It sounds right to me if the person you're calling lives in the outskirts of Tokyo.
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for Uco 2004/6/19 01:59
Yes, I am calling from the US... to call the cell number I dial 011-81-80-xxxx-xxxx since cell phones don't require a city code. For the land line, I dial 011-814-xxxx-xxxx. Hope this helps.
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Thanks cwb404 2004/6/19 12:41
I got mixed up and thought that your problem was still unsolved. Sorry for making you post again. Have a nice day.
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done!! 2004/6/19 17:06
Yes it worked. thank you everyone for your help. 011-81-80-xxxx-xxxx

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text messaging? 2004/6/20 05:46
Okay, now that calling the cell phone works, any ideas on how to send a text message to a cell phone in Japan?!
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this is actually a question 2004/9/15 02:04
can anybody help me with this.. i am from the philippines and i was given this number 81 80-xxxx-xxxx. he told me that this is a cellphone number...i tried to reach the number but for some dub reasons, i dont know what am i exactly bbe dialling..please help!!!
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answer to your actual question 2004/9/26 16:42
Yeah, if you're dailing from the States or Canada, dial 011-81-80-xxxx-xxxx. 011 is the International access number, 81 is the country code, 80 is the area code in Japan, and xxxx-xxxx is the phone number itself.
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Text Messages to Japan Cell Phones 2004/10/21 15:18
If cell phones in Japan can accept Text (email) messages, then they subscribe to I-Mode (or some version of it). They would have an email address - ie; user@docomo.ne.jp for Docomo phones - you would simply get their email address, and send them as you would any email message - keeping it short, most phones can not receive large messages.
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To jaimie 2004/10/22 06:50
To dial overseas, you need the "dial out" (or "access") number first, which is 011 in the case of calling from US/Canada, and I believe is 00 from the Philippines.
So the number you have to dial would be:
00 81 80-xxxx-xxxx
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TextMessaging 2004/11/19 22:59
Cellphones in Japan RARELY ever have text messaging, rather they have email. Most email addresses are long, drawn out adresses that have lots of . - _ in them..

The two main Email Adresses in Japan are;

Ps. I live in Japan =P
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May i ask you a question? 2004/12/6 19:58
Hello, I am just wendering that am i able to use the japanese cell phone in oversea, such as Sydney Australia. Coz i always want to get the japanese mobile.
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. 2004/12/8 04:22
You can't use japanese phones outside Japan with local subscription.

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Yes you can.....if you are rich 2004/12/8 11:16
Yes you can.....if you are rich almost all celphone companies in Japan have agreements with some carriers around the world.
I think Docomo has a dual cellphone that supports GSM (or is working on it) as well but anyway it is just one model but the calling charges are very high, so I if you are rich you can have one I think.
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Problem! 2005/2/1 20:44
hey yo I am Trying to call to Japan from Israel and It's doesn't work how I should call? I am trying to call like this my friend give me this number but It's Not working..81-080-xxxxxxxx
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. 2005/2/18 07:06
You should call:
(your international call prefix)-81-80-xxxxxxxx

The first 0 in 080 is a long distance prefix in Japan. It should be omitted in international calls.
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