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Ponyo 2009/3/31 20:16
Can anyone tell me if the latest Miyazaki animation "Ponyo on the Cliff" is available on DVD already?
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Re: Ponyo 2009/4/1 15:00
The DVD release date depends on where you live. For the UK, it's this week. For the US, not until August 2009

Please see the wiki article at

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thanks! 2009/4/1 15:11
I'll be in Japan.
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Re: Ponyo DVD 2009/4/1 15:53
Note, the release dates mentioned in the Wikipedia page are the cinematic release dates, not the dates for the DVD. I don't think a Japanese DVD has been released yet (which is a pity as the Ghibli DVDs usually have English subtitles)
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The DVD 2009/4/2 01:10
The DVD will be released in July according to the preorder kiosks popping up around Osaka.
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Ponyo by the sea 2009/4/3 00:45
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