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Gift for exchange student from Japan 2009/3/31 20:18
Our family will be hosting 2 teenage female students from Yokohama in PA next month.
What would be an appropriate gift for both the students and/or their families that they could take home safely? We are not sure of the rules regarding travel into Japan and what is and is not allowed.
by fourkidsinpa (guest)  

gifts 2009/4/2 09:24
Modest gifts that are unique to your town or state are popular:local crafts,T-shirts with English writing or sports, music theme are popular. Food is ok as long as it's not produce or meats - custom rules apply. Be careful not to go too expensive as your guest may feel obligated to repay you with an equalvalued gift - as usual it's the thought that counts. Give your guest the opportunity to cook for you and your family - our quests really seemed to enjoy doing this - from the shopping at the grocery store, preparing then serving the meal.
All the above depends on the age and interests of your guests of course.
Best wishes.
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