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Receiving money in Japan from abroad 2009/4/1 01:30
Hello, I need a method to receive in Japan some money from Europe. I already found a very cheap method to change the currency (FXGlobalTransfer) but now I need a bank in Japan that does not charge any fee (or as low as possible) for receiving money transfers from Europe.
So far I did not find any one.
Can anyone help me?

Thanks in advance!
by Soo desu ne  

. 2009/4/1 16:59
Are you living in Japan other then temporary visitor?

If you have a Japanese bank account anyone can wire you money to your bank account.

Another method is recieving what is known as a INTERNATIONAL POSTAL MONEY ORDER, this comes in the mail and you have to cash it at the post office, however the amount is limited to something like 70,000 yen? per money order.
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Thanks 2009/4/1 17:11
I am living in Japan but I don't have a bank account here yet.
My husband told me that I have to pay 5000 yen for receiving 1000 euro if I had an account in Mitsui Sumitomo.
If I add this to the 40 euro I have to pay from my account in Europe to send an international transfer to Japan, plus the currency exchange service fee, then I am paying about 100 euro to to receive here 1000 euro!

Is this not too expensive?
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receiving money in Japan from abroad 2009/4/2 11:50
Best way is to call the banking institutions and inquire.
When you receive money in a check form from abroad, it is hard to cash it at the bank or deposit to your account without having to pay fees.
So if your country has international postal money order system available (to Japan), that is the best way to have your money send to you from home, I think. No fees involved, you just cash it at the post office.
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... 2009/4/2 20:45
- If you had a bank account in Japan and did international money transfer, the sender gets charged by his bank, and you the recipient get charged by your bank in Japan.

- I think it is better to avoid having someone send a personal check sent to you from overseas. You have to have a bank account in Japan to cash it anyway, and you will have to wait quite some time. Often when you take a check to a bank in Japan, they send it back to clear it with the sender's bank first, THEN deposits the money into your account. I am talking about waiting for a few months.

- So if the sender's country does have "International Postal Money Order," it would be wise to use this.
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Thanks 2009/4/2 20:55
Thanks a lot. My country (SPain) does have postal money order system, so I'll give it a look.
In the meantime, it seems that Shinsei bank is the most foreigner-friendly bank in Japan. They even have their homepage in English and send you panflets i English under request.

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About postal money orders 2009/4/3 12:02
I never did this before, so if I send 1000 eur to Japan and I go to the post office to cash it, what exchange rate will they apply? Yucho bank rates?
Thanks in advance.
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Cheaper choice 2009/12/8 00:18
There are other way to send money with less fee:
1. UFJ only charge 4000 YEN (5days processing) for receiving money from overseas country. It is sure that there are other bank charge less.

2. If the person has a PayPal Japan account, you can send money from your PayPal EU account to that one for 0.3% fee. Then, the person can withdraw money from PayPal Japan to his local Japan bank account for free if the withdraw amount is greater than 50,000 YEN. (5 working days processing)

3. If you do have Citibank in your country, open a Japanese Yen saving account and a current account. They will give you a debit card which can link to either the current account or the Japanese Yen saving account. Then, you can use this card to withdraw CASH for 100YEN fee every transaction at any ATM in Japan. (Maximum amount per day is about 600 EUR but no processing time)
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