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Gift giving 2009/4/1 11:59
We will be staying at two
Ryokan's and one larger hotel. Is it appropriate to have a gift for the Ryokan's owner? How about for the larger hotel. Is a gift appropriate? Would a gift of Chocolate from the US be a good gift?
by luck1223  

... 2009/4/1 16:53
It is appropriate to have a small gift for Ryokan owners. I have stayed in a few Ryokan and each time when we checked out they gave us a small gift such as some coasters, small coin purse, keyrings etc. I brought some things from Australia such as small soft koalas and australian coasters that I gave them in return.

I'm not sure if about larger hotels though.
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nice idea 2009/4/1 23:08
I've never heard of Japanese guests giving gifts to ryokan, hotels, minshuku or pension or any kind of accomodation they are paying for. But I don't think it's a bad idea at all. I'm sure they would appreciate it especially when it's a gift from a foreign guests' country.
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Gift giving 2009/4/2 12:10
Thank you for the input. I thought giving a gift was expected. I just want to do the right thing.
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... 2009/4/2 17:45
I read in a couple of different places, such as guide books and wesites that it is appropriate, that's where I got the idea from. I figured I may as well give them something, and then was glad I had something when they gave me a gift. It can't hurt!
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Not expected, but... 2009/4/3 03:04
Last time I went and stayed in a few smaller ryokans I brought along some chocolates as gifts (made by a small shop in my home town). The recipients were all very surprised, but HUGELY appreciative. So certainly not necessary, but worth the trouble at a small inn where you have direct contact with the owner or maid who serves meals in your room. I think it would seem odd in a large western-style hotel, though.
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Gifts 2009/4/3 03:10
Thanks for your opinions.
I will have a small gift for the stay at the Ryokans.
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.. 2009/4/3 06:11
As tipping is not usual in Japan we also brought some small gifts from Australia with us, and left them on our bed [in large hotel] for the room maids....they were neatly placed on the side table, untouched, that night. So we waited until the last day and left them in the middle of the bed, hoping in each place that they were then taken.
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leave a note unless you hand it directly 2009/4/3 10:09
In Japan, staffs are educated not to take or dispose any of the things that guests left in their rooms. For example, if you meant to throw away a magazine but left it on a desk instead of the waste basket before cheching out, they are supposed to keep it as lost-and-found item.

This is not always accurate, as you often end up loosing items that you clearly forgot in your room as you were checking out :) but for this reason, when I want to leave items behind as gifts, I always leave a note addressed to the staff to clarify that it is meant to be a gift. In any case, I often put my personal sweets and souveniors on my hotel bed, and I wouldn't want anybody to take them away.

Btw, I'm Japanese and I usually don't give gifts to hotels, but my family once had fever during our stay and caused a hotel some trouble. So I left a 1000 yen bill with a note saying it is meant to be a tip.
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. 2009/4/3 10:55
In Japan tips are usually included at hotels and ryokan. It is listed as サービス料. You really do not need to double tip them unless they went their way to do more than usual for you like Uco said.

That said, it is always a nice gesture to give a small gift. But please note that it is not expected.
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guest house owners 2009/4/4 02:02
I'm going to be staying in two separate guest houses for one month each. The owners of both guest houses have been really nice (giving a discount, offering to pick us up to drive us from the station to the guest house when we arrive, making sure we will be comfy when we get there) so I'm thinking we should bring a gift for each of them.

Should we give the gift before our month-long stay or after?? Is it even a good idea to give a gift? I kind of think so. One of the owners is not Japanese (he's Chinese), so I'm wondering if it's still okay. If I were him I'd want a gift no matter what! hah..
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GoLizzy 2009/4/4 09:54
Giving a discount, offering to pick you up to drive you from the station to the guest house when you arrive, making sure you will be comfy when you get there, are all very common procedures at small inns. Gifts and tips aren't necessary. But again, it would be a nice gesture. Before or after your stay, whichever is fine. Even if the owner is Chinese, if he is living in Japan, I'm sure he expects what is common in Japan.
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