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Inexpensive bedding in Tokyo? (SW part?) 2009/4/4 01:34
Tokyo 23-ku
I need to get some additional bedding things and I wanted to know where, aside from IKEA (since it's far away) to get inexpensive bedding, or at least reasonably priced bedding, in the Tokyo region.

The south-western region is even better (I'm 2 stops from Shibuya).

The only other store I've been to that has stuff is Tokyo Hands, but they can run high for bedding. I just need a decent mattress pad at a decent price.

Thanks in advance!
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... 2009/4/6 14:22
Try supermarkets + general merchandise shops (large ones that sell also bedding, bathroom goods, clothing, etc. in addition to groceries) like Daiei or Ito Yokado. If I'm not mistaken, there is one Daiei near Gakugeidaigaku station on Toyoko line - I don't know which train line you are on, though. Spring would be a good time to look around for sales, as there tends to be promotions for new graduates or new students living on their own.

Or try Muji, if you go for simple beds and matching bedding, etc. THere is one big location in Jiyugaoka.
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Since you mentioned "far" 2009/4/6 14:40
I just thought I'd make sure you know that IKEA has a free shuttle bus departing from Denenchofu Station on the Toyoko line taking you to the shop in 30 minutes, and that all their merchandize can be viewed on their website, and that shipping fee is the same wherever you live in Japan.

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