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I'm trying to find a place 2009/4/4 08:57
I'm trying to find the exact location of tanoshimaru in Fukuoka. Our family originally located from this area to America. I'm sansei and trying to find our family tree. Both grandparents were from there.
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Tanushimaru? 2009/4/4 11:49
I suppose you meant Tanushimaru.
The town was annexed to Kurume city 2005.

The website of Kurume city

You can go to Tanushimaru by JR. Take a limited express train from Hakata to Kurume. Transfer to Kyudai line at Kurume station, and take a local train.
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Thank you very much! 2009/4/5 02:52
Thanks!! Very helpful information, including the correction of the spelling. That's probably why I had such a hard time finding it. My next question now is...how to find the birth and death records of my family since the cities have merged?? Where would be the first place to look?
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koseki-tohon 2009/4/5 11:52
I guess you can request the city office of Kurume to send family registration that is called koseki-tohon by mailing. But I suppose you need to know the exact address where your grandfather or grandmother was registered.
And I consider it is better to consult a consulate of Japan beforehand or consult city office of Kurume city.

Please type "koseki" into the box of the upper part, in this webpage of the city. And click 検索.
You can find Q&A about koseki.
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. 2009/4/6 10:49
I guess it's "Tanushimaru-machi" not "Tanoshimaru".
It's located in the mid. south of Fukuoka-ken, and it is a part of Kurume-shi.
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