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hanami in Paris 2009/4/4 23:51

I'm french man who study japanese in school in Paris, I will make hanami with my school soon and i would like to have some good ideas for make good hanami. For exemple what japanese use to drink and eat while hanami. I'm not good in cooking so if any japanese in Paris could tell me where i'll can buy bento lunch in Paris it will be nice.

Thank in advance for your message
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Japanese goodies 2009/4/5 18:42
try Kioko, Japanese supermarket, 46, Rue des Petits Champs, 75002 Paris, France, 01 42 61 33 66 ..check also Rue Ste Anne..
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Kioko 2009/4/5 19:25
Thank you Red Frog, I know well Kioko cause the supermarket is close my school i use to go there for buy few things but it don't have ready foods exept frozen foods and snack.
I give the site in french if it's interesting anybody
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food. 2009/4/6 16:26
How about buying food in a Japanese restaurant on rue Ste Anne or other area? order it to take away . Surely they do this in Paris? get something that you can warm up or buy sushi and sashimi but then you need to buy a cooler and get ice. I had a similar problem to yours (in a different culture) and told the school teacher that I was there to study the language and couldn't be expected to know about the country food yet and wasn't a cook anyway so it was really up to him to bring the food. You got to be assertive at times. I am originally from France and can't count the times I have been asked to bring "some nice French food" to people's homes. My standard answer --and the absolute truth-- is that in France my parents had a cook so neither my parents nor me knew how to cook French food or any food. Of course I have taken close friends to local French restaurants to thank them for inviting me in their home, but I wouldn't invite a whole classroom..
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Thank you Again 2009/4/7 08:14
Hi and thank you Red Frog

Yes in Ste Anne and Opera Districts they are alot good restaurant but almost all have hot dishes or sushi, maki and things like that and i wondering if i'll can keep it for few hours before it it, if weather is hot it can turn bad quickly i think specialy fishes.

I'll can buy sandwich or things like that but if we make hanami it could be nice to do it like japanese do it. I'm like you i'm bad at cooking i only cook sweet dishes and it's not always good hahaha so I think i'll ask advice to my japanese teacher about what she'll bring and what we'll can bring to and will depend other people in my class to.

Thank again for your help
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