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A-nation 2009, when will there be info? 2009/4/6 06:04
I would really like to go to a couple of a-nation concerts this year, 2009. I know they will be in the summer, in August. But the website, http://a-nation.net/index.html, still only has 2008 information. Does anyone know how long in advance the tickets will go on sale? And, more importantly:

How long before tickets go on sale will they tell people about this on the website? Like, if I check the website every week, can I be sure that I will at least know when the tickets go on sale, before they do?
by jeroen (guest)  

I'm not sure.... 2009/4/8 06:50
but I would check everyday if I were you. It seems to be a pretty popular event, so just in case.

Sign up for a newsletter, if they offer it.

Tell us how it goes, okay?
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It's my home page 2009/4/8 07:34
The a-nation site is my home page whenever I start my browser ;). I had the page translated by google and it seems there are some dates from last year which indicate sales will be announced at the end of may and presales begin a couple of weeks later, so I hope everything will work out. I'll keep you informed.
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nice ^^ 2009/4/8 10:41
That's awesome!
Thanks for keeping us informed.

Good luck!
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Something happened! 2009/4/13 05:42
There's a new site! http://a-nation.net/index.html

But since it's not text but a picture I can't have it translated by google.. I'll ask a friend to read it to me, I think it's the names of cities.. Although that kanji at August 30th doesn't look like what Tokyo is supposed to look like according to wikipedia..

Perhaps somebody here can read it?
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re 2009/4/13 16:45
The link is concert venue for the year 2009 and performers and ticket related informations will be announced soon.

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venues 2009/4/13 19:06
Aug 1 in Kumamoto?
Aug 8 in ???
Aug 15 in Aichi
Aug 22&23 in Tokyo
Aug 29&30 in Osaka
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Dates & cities 2009/4/13 19:09
This is in the source code of the page:

8月1日(土) 熊本:熊本県農業公園(カントリーパーク)
8月8日(日) 愛媛:愛媛県総合運動公園・ニンジニアスタジアム(陸上競技場)
8月15日(土) 愛知:ポートメッセなごや野外特設会場
*8月16日(日) 愛知:ポートメッセなごや野外特設会場
8月22日(土) 東京:味の素スタジアム
8月23日(日) 東京:味の素スタジアム
8月29日(土) 大阪:長居陸上競技場(長居スタジアム)
8月30日(日) 大阪:長居陸上競技場(長居スタジアム)

The page itself makes no mention of a second concert in Aichi but here's the translation I got from a friend:

8/1: Kumamoto (on Kyushu)
8/8: Ehime (on Shikoku)
8/15: Aichi (near Nagoya)
*8/16: Aichi
8/22: Tokyo
8/23: Tokyo
8/29: Osaka
8/30: Osaka
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Lineup 2009/4/14 08:53
Well, something happened again. Names appeared next to the dates, I think it's only part of the lineup. There's also information on ticket price. I can't really make out if they have different kind of tickets though. Can anyone read Japanese? I think the tickets are seated, but are they all 7800 yen? Or are there more expensive ones.. Are there only numbered places or is there like a field which is whoever gets there first gets to stand in the front?
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How can I buy tickets? 2009/4/27 03:22
How can I buy the tickets to these events?

I need the information badly because I'm going to be in Japan during that time and I am dying to see Tohoshinki live :S
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FDJP 2009/4/27 03:24
I ordered them here http://www.fdjp.com/
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. 2009/5/11 07:58
how much were tickets when you ordered them from www.fdjp.com??
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Well... 2009/5/12 07:34
That's not how it works. You say how much you want to pay for them, as a maximum, and then they try to get tickets. I offered double the price and hope they will be able to get tickets. If not they send me an email and I'll have to bid even higher :(. Because apparently it's sorta impossible to get the actual tickets (for anyone) they have to buy them on the second hand/black/whatever you wanna call it market.
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.. 2009/5/13 00:10
if you cant buy tickets from there you can also try yahoo japan auctions. thats where im gonna get mine since im not in japan right now. i wonder if csjh(tenjo chiki) is gonna perform?
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anybody know? 2009/7/17 06:05
does anybody know what times the concerts start?
particularly the Aug. 22 show at Ajinomoto Stadium?

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Start time 2009/7/18 01:06
My ticket says 15:00
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