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Help with gift list? 2009/4/6 17:07
I'm about to spend a (somewhat rushed) week in Japan, which breaks down to 2 days in Tokyo, 3-4 days in kyoto area and perhaps 1 day trip elsewhere... one thing is for sure, I will need to purchase gifts for several people, which could include the following items:

- decent quality Anime goods, particularly toys from the show "Gintama" if possible (failing that, Naruto, etc)

- jewelry, probably that which is not too expensive (or cheezy), and would be Japanese in appearance

- (if possible) a Japanese style flute?...

I know, this is a weird set of items, and with only a couple days to shop (and even that is questionable) I was wondering if anyone knew the best place to find each type of item? I'm assuming Tokyo would offer the best chances, but I'm not even sure where to begin. Thanks!
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your list 2009/4/7 20:19
1) There are Animate chain stores in most large cities (and neighborhoods) in Japan. There are 3 or 4 in the Tokyo metropolitan area alone, all will stock stationary and character items for current or recent animations.

2) I suspect that what you're envisioning as Japanese-style jewelry is not something that is popular in Japan. So if you are looking for things with Oriental motifs, affordable kanzashi, etc you will likely need to look in airport and tourist kitsch shops. Traditional Japanese accessories are often prohibitively expensive, though you may be able to find very cheap kimono-print hairpins or kanzashi-styled flower clips at 100yen shops or station-side accessory shops around summer festival season.

3) Instruments tend to be expensive. A real shakuhachi designed for a musician will cost you a good deal of money... it's probably not a suitable (or easy to find) gift. Your best chance for finding this sort of thing for anything approaching an affordable price, is in a tourist-focused shop in a traditional area like Nara or Kyoto.

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Thanks 2009/4/8 00:42
Thanks, I believe that helps, and I did look into the price of the flutes... astounding anyone would pay this much for ANYTHING (my entire Japan trip costs less).

Luckily, the jewelry thing is just something my girlfriend ALWAYS suggests, but she also suggested a stuffed Sadaharu (giant dog on Gintama) if they exist, so I should be ok there.

Since I have 2 kids (boy and a girl) I figured I would get some kids toys as well.

As you can see, I'm terrible at gift buying... thanks for the help here!
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