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How to become a singer in japan 2009/4/6 23:21
Me and my cousin is living in s'pore and we both are interested in becoming j-pop singer. We both know how to speak japanese so can I have some suggestion on how to get into a japan singer agency. BTW, we both are under 20:D
by Night (guest)  

Singing career 2009/4/7 10:37

Just send demo recordings and portrait photos to as many agencies as you can. I would have thought that not being based in Japan severely reduces your already slim chances, though.
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Everyone can shine! 2009/4/29 11:38
It's not about your race or your appearance. It's really about your voice, your passion and your desire to sing! That's what being a singer is all about. If you don't enjoy the song, there's no point in singing it! Even if you don't know the language, you can still sing & convey your feelings! I'm a chinese girl but my dream is to be a j-pop singer! I might be entering in Victoria Idol next year!

Your first step should be to just simply record your songs on a CD with high quality and then bring to the FM place where they play all the songs on the radio. You never know, they might play your's next! Don't be afraid, live up to your dream!
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What it takes 2009/4/29 11:45
I would say that in Japan it is more about your looks and personality or image than your voice, realistically speaking. Some of the most famous singers here actually don't sing that well at all, but they are very successful anyway- several of the members of SMAP would fit into that description quite well.
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