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July 15th 2009/4/7 01:02
On July 15th, there is a race that begins at Kushida Jinja at 4:59am Then there is a 5km race, and finally, a Noh performance to end the festivities. Does anyone know at what time that would be? I will be up watching the races and hopefully, the Noh performances, but I would like to go someplace afterwards and would like to know about what time I can get started.
by Hakata Gion (guest)  

... 2009/4/7 12:54
What is the name of the event, and which Kushida Jinja are you referring to? Based on your username I'm guessing the one in Fukuoka.
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... 2009/4/7 18:38

Provided it's the one in Fukuoka, the Noh performance starts at 6:00 AM.
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starts at 4:55 AM. 2009/4/7 20:36
It is the festival that is held early in the morning, starts at 4:55 AM.
I suppose you can't see the first ceremony inside of the shrine because it's hard to get ticket. But it's easy to see the race on streets. I used to see them start dashing at near the shrine. It's exciting.
Here is website written in English.

Sorry. Ifve never seen Shizume Noh.
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Sorry. 4:59 AM 2009/4/7 20:40
Sorry. It starts at 4:59 AM.
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Thanks! 2009/4/7 23:00
Thanks everyone.
I only want to see the races. I figured that I wouldn't get tickets to the perfomance inside the shrine. I'm planning a day trip to someplace else (not sure where) and was hoping that the festivities would be over by 10. And it looks like they will from website AK gave.
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