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Kamidana and photos of deceased 2009/4/9 20:24
Should photos of the deceased that have family connection be placed inside the Kamidana and on their birthday the doors should be opened and incense burnt?

Someone told me this and I am just wanting to check if this is true

Thanks in advance

by baldyboy  

. 2009/4/10 11:40
You mean "butsudan'?
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. 2009/4/10 14:24
If it's kamidana (Shintoism), you put inside it only the ofuda that you get from a shrine.

If it's butsudan (Buddhism), what should be put inside it is Ihai (a tablet with the special name given after death engraved for the deceased).
Some poeple put a small photo inside the butsudan as well, but it's not a norm, most people put up the photos in the same room with butsudan.

Insence is only for butsudan, for kamidana one put candle (lit).
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. 2009/4/10 14:27
Oh, forgot to mention anothe thing.
It is not common to burn incense for birthdays - many families burn incense everyday, some families less often, it really depends.
And poeple do burn insence for special occasions such as the memorial day for the deceased.
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