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English games in Akihabara? 2009/4/10 10:35
Tokyo 23-ku
I want to buy some English PS2 games. Do you think I can find them in Akiba?

I couldn't find any English DS games in Akihabara, but my friend says some English games *can* be found. Can anyone confirm this?

Thanks! ^_^
by rafracia (guest)  

my experience 2009/4/10 16:48
I tried to found them by myself too but every game in english was way more expensive than japanese ones (import stuff so itLs understandable). The ones I found were usually in same shelves as japanese though some times I saw a shelf labeled as ''import'' at some stores.
Buy some obscure japanese DS games, there are many great and DS has no region code so itLs all good and the selection is so huge!
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Import Games 2009/4/10 22:52
Import games (ie. games not in Japanese) are almost always limited to games which will actually play on Japanese systems (gameboy,DS, PSP, XBOX360). Since PS2 is region-locked, there's no demand for the games in Japan... why would the reseller buy back a game he can't sell?

Non region-locked systems and non-region-locked software (often bilingual region-free asian versions) is available in limited amounts in some larger shops but the selection is less-than-stellar.

Your chance of finding PS2 games in English at all, much less a selection of them is very very slim.
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... 2009/4/12 23:47
Thanks for your answers.

I do like the odd Japanese game. ^_^ The Ouendan games are my favourites.

My friend was going to give me his old (Japanese) PS2, but I hadn't realised about the region-locking issue. (How annoying...) So since I won't be able to easily play English games on it I opted not to take it.

Thanks again. ^_^
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got english games 2009/4/14 00:04
other than the main laox store (which has limited number of english games), i know of only two stores which have english games - one is Asobit Game City & another I do not know the name. Go to this interactive map of Akiba - http://akiba-ch.com/map. Click on "Consumer Games". Asobit Game City is on the list. The other shop is in front of Trader #2. This other shop has a good selection, all English games, but not sure if many PS2 ones. Hope this helps.
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try this..... 2009/4/14 04:50
Yes, you can find "English" games in Akihabara, and by "English" i mean english-language US-games (not UK or Australian).

"Trader" on Chuo-Dori has a small selection of US-games, and then theres a small shop in the back-alley behind Club-Sega specializing in importgames only for PS3, 360 and PC (i dont remember the name, sorry - but look for a huge "PacMan" they have in the window.

Good luck.....
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