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Calling Tokyo from the US 2009/4/11 22:41
I am calling from the US and I am trying to buy Sumo tickets by phone. The number listed on the website is: 0570-02-9310.
I am trying 011 81 3 570-02-9310. What am I doing wrong. I don't read or speak Japanese. Is there a website in English where I could order tickets?
I want to attend Thursday, May 14th. What is the likelyhood of buying tickets the same day I want to attend?
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... 2009/4/12 07:12
The first 3 is not needed! The area code is 0570 and not 03.

0570 is a special "area code", and I think there are some types of phones which cannot connect to it.
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calling Japan 2009/4/12 12:28
I have tried 011 81 0570-029310 with no sucess. If 0570 is the area code then done the number I am trying to reach only have 6 #'s?

The number I was given to call is 0570-029310

Thanks again.
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... 2009/4/12 12:50
You have to try: 011 81 570-029310. You need to drop the first 0 of the area code, just like you tried earlier by dropping the 0 from 03.

If this does not yield results, that may mean that you cannot call 0570 numbers from outside Japan.
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Calling Japan 2009/4/12 20:52
Thank you for your comments. I will try dropping the 0 but I think I have already tried that. If I am not able to buy tickets prior to arriving Tokyo will it be likely that I can buy tickets the day of the tournament?

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... 2009/4/12 21:52
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Sumo tickets 2009/4/13 02:29
Thanks to all of you. The link Uji sent allowed me to email for tickets.

Thanks again.

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area code 2009/4/13 09:02
The area code for Tokyo is 03, but judging from the number, the booking location is not in Tokyo, but maybe somewhere around Aichi or Gifu. 0570-02-9310. (0570 seems to be the area code)

So you should try 011 81 570 02 9310.
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.to Sandy 2009/4/13 17:35
0570 is not an area code, it is a special number used for receiving mass callers (such as a call center for reservation).

As this number is a special one, it does not accept calls from some type of phones like PHS, or calls from boat or abroad.
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Calling Tokyo 2009/4/13 21:56
Thanks for the information. I was able to buy tickets from the English site that Uji posted.
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