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Thank Japanese friends at my Wedding? 2009/4/14 11:36
These are two very good friends, who have each opened their homes to us on our past trips to Japan ...

They already know my city (in Canada) very well, since they lived here for a year.

I know that this trip will be a huge expense for them and I am still not completely over the fact that they are actually making the trip...

What can I do that is a substantial enough ''thank-you'' without being so over-the-top that they feel embarrassed?

Any help is appreciated!
by setsuna (guest)  

Also... 2009/4/14 12:57 I expected to give back uchi-iwai after the wedding?
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Since no one seems to be responding 2009/4/16 10:22
In Japan, the host is expected to pay for the transportation and accomodation fee, and is also expected to send uchi-iwai.

But since you're in your country, and you don't even seem to be Japanese, you should do it according to your custom. Whatever you do, guests will simply assume that that is the Canadian way.

I'm sure there are people who have invited Japanese wedding guests to Canada. I hope someone can post a suggestion.
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. 2009/4/16 11:33
Agree with Uco. You just follow the Canadian customs. If you follow Japanese customs, you will have to pay for their air expences in the first place.
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Thanks Uco and . 2009/4/16 14:51
I am Canadian and I had a feeling that the best way would be to follow "Canadian" customs ('t exactly defined ^^;) so I'll do my best!

If anyone else out there has been in my shoes, I would welcome any further advice!
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