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Need gift ideas for visiting Japan... 2009/4/14 11:42
I'm visiting some family in Tokyo this weekend and I need advise on what gifts to bring. Nothing too heavy. How about tequila, chocolates, cookies... Help!
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food 2009/4/14 12:40
In Japan, most souveniers come in the form of food. While touristy kitsch won't cause any displeasure, it isn't really necessary (or as interesting to most Japanese) as snacks or foods unique to your country.

My own friends and co-workers love Lindt chocolate truffles, and while they're availble at import shops in Japan, they are prohibitively expensive and most Japanese have never tried one.

They're also tickled to try things like Kool-aid, s`mores (if you bring graham crackers and marshmallows to make them), and soup or chili mixes (Bear Creek soup mixes go over very well!), and any candybars or candies that aren't available in Japan (3 Musketeers, Milky Way, Starburst, Skittles, Sourpatch Kids, etc.)

Cereal sampler mixes are a big hit with kids.

Adults like to recieve locally-made wines, maple syrup, unique blends of spices or sauces (barbeque sauce is another common request I have from friends). Salad dressings are also rather limited here, so anything other than Italian or goma may be interesting for your friends/family to try.

Anything that you can give your Japanese friends/family that is a special product of your home town is especially appreciated.
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Appreicted 2009/4/15 06:51
Thanks for the tips I was a little iffy about what to get my in-laws on my visit but you had some great suggestions and pointers on what goes over the best. For my father in law I got some BBQ sauce. For the younger son some Starburst candy. For the mother some local chocolates that are made in my state. Nice to know it should go good.
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Gift Ideas 2009/4/16 02:04
The work colleagues reacted quite well to being given handmade chocolates from my sister's fancy French pastry shop. Fine chocolates are expensive in Japan and always appreciated as a gift.
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hand cream 2009/4/16 22:53
We have brought uniquely Austraian made handcream as gifts for our female recipients and it has been very much appreciated, so much so that our family living in Japan have made sure we bring it every time
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