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where to buy a baby stroller 2009/4/15 07:24
i would like to buy a new stroller for my son but i don't know where to get a good stroller like quinny or something slimier
by syaj77  

Stroller 2009/4/18 16:54
I will show you famous shops by assuming that you are living in Tokyo.
It seems that Maclaren is most popular in Tokyo.

4-1-5 Taihei, Sumida-ku
5-7-10 Ginza,Chuo-ku
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buggy 2009/6/8 16:13
Costco usually has 1 or 2 brands and the price is right.
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i found Air Buggy shop 2009/6/8 19:43
thanx all and i found this shop which has what i really want

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