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Seeking info on TV shows 2009/4/15 13:44
I just got back from Japan and I had an amazing time. One of the simple joy's I really loved while I was there was watching some of the Japanese television shows.

I can speak decently enough but I cannot read so I was unable to catch the name of some of the programs/people I liked that I'd like to look up.

First was a show that had several comedians on it. They were doing a top 10 anniversary special and I came in kind of late. The panel of guests included the guy that is always in a speedo and the guy that has a short mo-hawk in addition to others. Some of the things that occurred were people walking through trap floors that were set up in construction sights and what not. The #1 was a foot race between the host and some others in which he had a head start and still finished dead last.

Another show/actor I am looking for was aired that had 3 comedians - helmet oji-san, and two others, who went to Minnesota in the winter and competed in an indoor pool sport competition. I am looking for the name of the show but also the name of the 3 comedians, specifically the Idol.

Also is there a website that will let me check out, stream, Japanese radio or top new hits?

Thank you for all the help!
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IitteQ 2009/4/15 16:21
Program with 3 comedian that went to Minnesota is called IitteQ and 3 comedian's name are Uchimura,Miyagawa and Tegoshi. Tegoshi is a member of NEWs and not a comedian.
I found that video here.http://www.dailymotion.com/video/x5tjyk_q-3_shortfilms
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Japanese radio 2009/4/15 20:58
Japanese radio online:


Japan-A-Radio plays some old songs, but some new ones as well.
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Thanks 2009/4/16 15:55
I can't thank the two of you enough, these things were exactly what I was looking for!

If anyone has any clues for the first one I'd greatly appreciate it.

Again thank you very much!
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London Boots? 2009/4/16 17:20
The first one could have been the London Boots 10 year anniversary special. They did a top 50 countdown of all their set-ups, such as the black mail, love triangle, etc. Very very funny stuff :)


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