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TV program 2009/4/15 14:15
it's a really hard question but I'll give it a try, last year when i was on vacation in Tokyo i saw a program on TV it was about a Japanese guy that went to live with a Mexico family (they were fisherman) the family was talking in Spanish but the program was in Japanese they took the Japanese guy to fish it was more of a funny program instead of a documentary. I'm not sure of the date but i saw between JUNE 21 - 29 2008, it was at night probably 10pm, just by any chance do any of you know what I'm talking about? I'm sorry that i don't have more info:(
by DanielG  

... 2009/4/15 15:02
That was "Sekai Ururun Kaisaiki", my all-time favorite TV program, in which each week a TV personality stays at a host family somewhere in the world for a week. Unfortunately the program was discontinued a few months ago:

The June 22 episode was about squid fishing in Mexico.
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thank you 2009/4/15 15:05
you are my hero :D
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... 2009/4/15 15:07
I just found out that BS-TBS (requires a satellite antenna for reception) is sending re-runs every Friday evening at 22:00.
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thanks 2009/4/15 15:16
i found a torrent :D, just as note I'm from tijuana Mexico and now that i been studying Japanese for about a year i would like to see that particular program again, back then i only understood the Spanish parts. thanks again.
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