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Japanese Pilaf or Yakimeshi? 2009/4/15 18:01
My Japanese friend orders seafood pilaf when we're in coffee shops together in Tokyo. Someone argued with me that there is no such thing as pilaf in Japan. This person said I'd be laughed out of the joint if I ever ordered 'pilaf' instead of calling the dish yakimeshi. I have seen the dish translated into English as 'pilaf', so I wonder if this is true?

Can you tell me if this dish is always a fried rice dish?

Is it correct to use the term pilaf when ordering in a coffee shop?
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That's what THEY call it 2009/4/15 21:21
Well, if it says "pilaf" on the menu, how else are you going to order it? You can say "pirafu" instead, but ordering "yakimeshi" when it says "pilaf" is like saying "Can I have a beef patty sandwich with pickles?" at McDonald's.

But I know what you mean. Pilaf, originally Persian, is supposed to be a dish made by stir-frying uncooked rice and vegetables and then simmered in water until the rice gets tender. They do make it like this in the more authentic restaurants in Japan.

But the ones you get at coffee shops are typically made by stir-frying cooked rice and raw vegetables or perhaps frozen seafood, so it's ultimately a "yakimeshi seasoned Western style."

Anyway, making a fuss over a menu at a coffee shop is like trying to order Champagne in a Kentucky Fried Chicken branch in America.

Oh, ask that someone guy what he has to say about Spagetti Napolitan.
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. 2009/4/16 04:17
Yes, pilaf exist in Japan. But it may not be prepared in the traditional way.

"Yakimeshi" is fried rice in English. Pilaf is "pirafu" in Japanese as Uco said.
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*** 2009/4/16 13:31
yakimeshi is a bit old style saying (may middle aged person use it).
personaly i never used yakimeshi.
i think ususally japanese ppl say 'chahan' for chinese fried rice, and 'pilafu' for western fried rice.
if u go to the proper western restaurant, there will be real 'pilaf' dish.
i wish.

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Good to know 2009/4/16 20:11
Thanks very much for taking the time to reply. Your answers have made it clear that it's acceptible and expected to use the term pilaf in coffee shops. If anyone else wants to reply, I'll appreciate any opinions and advice very much! Cheers everyone!
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