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Tall woman-business trip-shoes? 2009/4/16 20:51
I am going on a business trip to Japan and I am wondering what height my shoes should have.
I am 180 cm, and I was planning to wear shoes with a very low heel (3.5 cm) for the meetings. Is this ok?
Help, please!
by tine (guest)  

shoes 2009/4/17 10:01
Yes, that should be fine. Actually one of your main issues with heels any higher (and you may still face this with lower heels on some trains), is hitting your head on the doorframe of the train while getting in and out if you are not careful.

At 180cm you will be taller than most Japanese even without shoes in any case. I am 175cm and wear flats to my office job because I feel tall enough as it is, but it is entirely up to you.
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Thank you! 2009/4/17 18:18
Thanks for your answer - and for the warning :-) I will watch my head!
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