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meaning of cellphone strap 2009/4/17 02:10
Is there any meaning if a Japanese guy gets a swarovki cellphone strap for a girl on her birthday? If so, what kinda meaning does it contain?

I've asked some of my friends. Some said there is meaning while some said no..
Hence, I would like to find the answer here! hope someone can reply regarding this! Thanks!
by ttm (guest)  

You would know best 2009/4/17 09:23
There is no inherent or hidden meaning that I know of- it is a present, and the person concerned would be far more likely to know what spirit it was given in than anonymous people on a forum.
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This Q belongs to the Love section :) 2009/4/17 15:31
If you guys are in high school, a swarovki strap would be over the top. If you're a career woman in your 30s, it's just a souvenior. That's my guess. But I agree with Sira.
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