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Selling handmade in Japan 2009/4/17 11:45
I sell my brand of handmade clothing at boutiques here in the United States but, I am REALLY interested in finding boutiques or stores in Japan that would consign/sell handmade clothing items like mine---featuring recycled clothing materials and creative new fashion ideas. Are there any stores/shops/boutiques anywhere in Japan that would consign handmade clothing like this? I'm heard Shibuya is fashion central in Japan but, after searching the internet, I've still found no websites or information on any stores similar to the ones we have here in the U.S./Canada that specialize in selling handmade artists' wares.....any info or ideas????
by Dottie (guest)  

Since no one seems to be responding 2009/4/18 19:51
I have the impression that those kind of shops are located more in Ura-Harajuku or Daikanyama rather than Shibuya which is in between these two areas.
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