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Shopping Advice! 2009/4/17 21:43
I need help finding stores with cute characters like Hello Kitty....Any advice???? I need to know WHERE the stores are located!!!! Pictures of the inside would be nice....
by BlackShinobiGurlx  

Um, where are you? 2009/4/19 08:24
And where would you be looking? Tokyo? Osaka? America? France? It helps a lot to tell people your location. If in Tokyo, try Kiddy Land on Omotesando, but actually it is so widespread that almost any department store will usually do.
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Without knowing where you are... 2009/4/20 23:07
If you're going to Japan, you can try the hello kitty store in Ikebukuro. It's not that far from the station, and it's sort of close to the sunshine 60 building (which has signs) but I can't give you the exact address.

Please note -- it's not a sanrio store, it's *just* a hello kitty store. (That was kind of disappointing for me...)

If you're in the UK and want HK stuff, try WH Smith. They have a surprising number of HK stuff. If you're in the US, try Target as a general rule or visit your local Chinatown (if you have one).

If you want to buy general sort of cute stuff online, try jshoppers. Lots of cute clothes and things for the home.

If you specify a location, I think you will get more responses. :)
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