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Two Questions about Shinto Wedding, 2009/4/18 23:29
First of all I apologize you for my bad English ( I am Italian )
I know that during the wedding the bride changes her clothes five times while the groom three times
But when are these changes specifically necessary? (Ex. first after the ceremony at the temple…)
And then, where is the ceremony set? In the Honden or in another specific place in the shrine?
Thanks to all for your help,
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Shrine Wedding 2009/4/20 11:29
My wide and I were married at Heian Jingu in Kyoto, and we highly recommend a shrine marriage.

It is actually very rare for a person to change more than one time. Often the bride will change into a western style wedding dress for variety, or something a little less formal (and expensive) for the reception. I wore my kimono throughout the whole wedding.

The setting for the ceremony depends upon the wedding package. In a large famous, shrine, the Honden will be more expensive. Often, people are married in a lesser shrine next to the main Honden. In a small shrine, the ceremony will likely only be offered in the Honden.

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in the old days perhaps 2009/4/20 14:20
I have never seen a wedding with that many changes of clothing- usually these days it's just once, from a kimono/hakama to a western-style dress/suit. You would be there all day if there were that many costume changes and it's impractical in this day and age.
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. 2009/4/20 16:43
Customs differ greatly depending on the region. Areas like Nagoya and Fukui have a reputation for holding great conservative weddings changing clothes many times.

But unless your in-laws or someone are very specific and insistant, you are basically free to do your wedding in whatever style you wish to. I know people who have lived in Nagoya all their lives and didn't even give a ceremony when they got registered as husband and wife.
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Thanks! 2009/4/21 22:38
Thanks so much! You've dissipated all my doubts!

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. 2009/4/23 01:00
I found this:

good at showing ceremony.
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