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Post Office exchange rate 2009/4/19 15:25
I've read around exchanging currency and I've heard from posters here that exchanging at the Post Office gives good rates. But I've tried to find it on their website and they don't seem to post it. And another poster said that it's only good for USD to JPY. Does anyone know how their rates fair if I bring CND to get JPY?

Like right now it's 1 CND to 82 JPY, I can get it in Canada for 1 CND to 79.36 JPY. How about the Post Office?

by pathoz (guest)  

. 2009/4/19 23:30
Post Office ATMs when withdrawing your money using a debit card seem to give decent rates, but that seems to be true with most ATMs.

I didn't even know the post office counter did currency exchange? It is either a few of them do it (eg the one at the Airports) but if you walked into a local post office, I'm not sure if the staff will know exactly what to do.

Otherwise the exchange rate counters at the airport don't give that bad of an exchange rate, it's pretty good.
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73 yen today 2009/4/20 13:40
The post office have now changed from a public organization into a private one and the company that handles foreign exchange is called Japan Post Bank.

Being curious I dialed their toll-free number shown on the Japanese page (0120-108420), but the operator told me that currently, you cannot view exchange rates on-line (you were able to when they were a public organization!).

If you were in Japan, you can either go to the counter or phone the toll-free number and ask for the current rate. At the moment it is 73 yen for exchanging 1 Canadian dollar to Japanese yen. No additional handling charge is required. The rate changes at noon each day (except for USD which changes at 11:00am).

The last time I checked, which was 5 years ago, the Post Office gave the best rates for exchanging yen to euro. However, for example, at the moment UFJ Bank gives the same 73 yen for 1 CAD.

Needless to say, you have to keep in mind that rates change overnight, so it can change while you're flying over here.

Generally speaking, buying cash is cheaper than selling cash. For example, if you were in Japan today and you wanted to exchange your yen into CAD, the rate is 90.20 yen to 1 CAD at UFJ Bank.
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. 2009/4/20 13:52
Thanks for your replies. Uco, when you said 1 CND to buy 73 yen, was that only for the MUFG bank or was that ALSO the rate given by the JP post office? Since you phoned them I'm guessing you asked them for their rate too, but I just want to confirm.
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both 2009/4/20 16:48
It is 1 CND to buy 73 yen today, both at MUFG Bank and Japan Post Bank. Sorry for the confusion.
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Japan Post English info line 2009/7/16 12:21
The Japan Post English info line is – (0120) 085 420. They can let you know the current exchange rates which change daily at noon.
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