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song from Anime 2009/4/20 04:57
When I was younger I used to love this cartoon ATTACK YU! About redhead girl playing volleyball. It was Actually the reason I decided to play volleyball ;)

Each country took other theme song for their anime opening.
Mine did as well - I'm from Poland.
I am looking for that song in the link. I do not know the artist and the title and I know it is not the orginal song that should go with the opening. It is not Seishun Prelude by Harumi Kamo.

Please help me to identify the song title and artist or at least provide me words so I could google it by lyrics(I do not speak Japanese ;))

by lajt (guest)  

Song Title & Singer 2009/4/26 00:00
Hi lajt,

Title of the song is "Yu-Hi no Cresshendo (夕陽のクレッシェンド)" (i.e. Crescendo of sunset) by Yoko Tanaka (田中陽子).


This song was released in 1990, so it was not originally used in "Attacker You" (1984).

You can find the song with following CDs:

Album "Invitation" http://www.amazon.co.jp/dp/B000UVB4H2
Compilation "Singles Complete" http://www.amazon.co.jp/dp/B000R5OQYY
Compilation "Tanaka Yoko Best" http://www.amazon.co.jp/dp/B00008BDJX
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thank you ;) 2009/5/5 06:52
shouta-neko thank you so very much! ;)

To be honest I did't have big hopes for finding this song. You just made my day. You sdn't even know how much this means to me ;)))) you made me sooo happy. Thank you one more time :)))
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