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Shoji screen 2009/4/21 12:05
Tokyo 23-ku
Hi all,
I have just moved into a studio apartment and I'm looking for some sort of thin room divider. I would love to get me a set of nice shoji screen for this purpose. Anyone know a shop in Tokyo where I can get a resonably priced one? Thanks!
by unixgal  

Yes 2009/4/21 16:04
Ikea sell a nice selection
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. 2009/4/21 18:18
You can view every IKEA merchandise through their official website.

However, I can't recall seeing any shoji divider at IKEA. Actually, I'm not even sure if such things exist in Japan. Shoji is basically a sliding door and not a panel that stands on its own.

But from a quick internet search, I did find something similar, although the screens are not made of paper.
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Thanks! 2009/4/22 10:18
Thanks for your answers Kevin and Uco!

Kevin, I had looked through the Ikea website but they only have 2 types of room divider - one is an ugly rattan thing which is suited for patios and the other one is just some sort of hanging thing made also from bamboo. Are there more in the actual Ikea store itself in Funabashi?

Uco, thanks for that link!! Those are the dividers I want , perhaps not exactly shoji but they will do. Unfortunately the site is in Japanese :( is there a way I could buy it in English ..?

Thanks and appreciate ur help.
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Ikea 2009/4/23 14:03
Hi Unixgal,

Ikea do stock the screens that Uco links from Rakuten but they are not really like those. Ikea's are not what you would call Traditional looking - they are more *cute*
I looked at the ikea website then as well and I cant even find them!!! But I am sure they have some in store.
I'm sorry I am not that familiar with the Ikea stores in Tokyo to know if the one in Funabashi is going to be helpfull
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English! 2009/4/23 14:06
My English is bad! :(

Sorry i mean they have screens similar to those listed by Uco.
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