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2009 Concert tours 2009/4/21 13:05
Does anyone have any information of who will be touring this year? I am an American in the Nagasaki prefecture and can get to Nagasaki (duh of course), Saga, Fukuoka and Oita no problem.
I would love to see the following live on stage
Amuro Namie
Koda Kumi
Bonnie Pink
Tommy Heavenly6
D'Spayre (Forget how to spell that one)
Or any of the rock bands

In general I love live music and have not had the chance to attend any live shows and would like to go.


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Correction. 2009/4/24 10:17
It's possible you meant HYDE (from L'Arc~en~Ciel and VAMPS), but if you actually did mean "hide," as in the former guitarist of X(JAPAN)... he passed away in 1998. 11 years ago. You won't be able to see him live. But trust me, many people would agree with you, that they'd like to. :/
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Wow my spelling is horrible 2009/4/24 10:32
And thanks for the info, its hard trying to find info anymore because when you do a search you get 50 trillion webpages popping up
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