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How to find NHL hockey games on TV 2009/4/21 17:07
Does anyone have any recommendations on where you might be able to watch some of the NHL playoff games. I'm a die hard fan and really missing the chance to see some of the games. I've been listening to them on the web but was really hoping to actually watch one at some kind of sports bar (if one is open at 8am ;).

by Joe (guest)  

. 2009/4/23 01:06
if it isn't soccer or baseball, forget it. This is Japan, learn to love Sumo.
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Yeah sorry dude 2009/4/23 07:23
Yeah, sorry dude you won't be able to catch NHL in Japan. I mean... you can't even find the NHL on regular free TV in the US!
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J-Sports 2009/4/23 11:53
The cable TV channel J-Sports has NHL listed on its schedule:


They don't appear to be live though, I guess they may be just highlights. J-Sports is shown at a number of sports bars and pub chains such as Hub and 82 Ale House.
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net streams 2009/4/23 14:48

Not going to happen on TV. The finals will be on Jsports live but that isn't for another month as you know....in the meantime, if you are itching for some hockey check out the following site....


You'll get all the games on there and plus a bunch of TV.
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Thanks for everyone's response 2009/4/23 15:27
At the very least I can catch the scores/highlights. I guess I'll just have to learn more about sumo.
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try the site. 2009/4/23 16:23
That website I posted shows the games in real time and they are clear. All you need is a computer and internet.
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Watch NHL games via internet on NHL.com 2009/5/4 09:33
You can subscribe to NHL GameCenter on NHL.com for internet viewing in most regions in world. See website for restrictions.

Go Redwings!
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Live NHL Hockey 2009/5/9 12:48

You can get live streams of NHL games if you search sites like www.justin.tv , http://gobabby.net and other streaming sites.

Tokyo Hockey
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