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Can a man become a miko? 2009/4/21 23:52
Hello I've another question about Shinto (I hope it sound enough clear despite my English)
Sometimes in the temples I've seen men with light-blue orlight-green hakama. Are they a sort of "miko"?
(obviously I don't know if miko is a right term for a male assistant of a priest
seeing that miko are usually women)
Thanks for the help
by Anne (guest)  

. 2009/4/22 13:51
Man does not becoma a "Miko".

The men with light-blue orlight-green hakama you saw are the lower level "Kannushi" staffs.
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Maiko? 2009/4/22 19:43
do you mean a Maiko?
which is the apprentice to a Geisha...sure in theatre
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miko are different to maiko 2009/4/22 19:47
Mika, the miko are "shrine maidens" and work at Shinto shrines doing various duties. No relation at all to maiko, the apprentice geisha.
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Kannushi and miko 2009/4/23 22:16
By the way, sometimes you can see women wearing light-blue hakama (or other colours depending on their rank) in shrines, and just like men, they are also not miko (shrine maidens) but kannnushi (Shinto priests).
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female kannushi 2009/4/23 22:34
Years ago I used to teach English to a really nice lady in her 50s who was kannushi of a shrine in Kamakura. I've always wished I could have seen her dressed as a kannushi- she wore ordinary clothes to classes of course!
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Thanks again! 2009/5/1 07:54
Thanks so much for all the replies. the first specially was very useful :)
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I'm a Miko 2009/5/1 10:15
haha.. No lying!

美子 :-p (my name)
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