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gadgets.. 2009/4/22 03:08
Tokyo 23-ku
does anyone can recommend of good places to buy flash cards in akihabara. I looked today, and there were diffrents in prices.. significants diffreneces - but also diffrent firms. I rather use Sandisk for flash memory (disk on key) and Digital camera card.

I would like to acquire about PSP gadget... I need to know if it would be no problem to use it outside of Japan.
by Doron  

... 2009/4/22 11:03
What format of flash memory are you looking for? If its USB flash drives you can find them relatively cheaply at any electronics store. Bic Camera, Yodobashi Camera, Yamada Denki, etc usually have a large selection at reasonable prices. I bought an 8gb stick for 1500 yen the other day.

For digital camera memory, what format? The most common are again available everywhere. I find it typically priced around 1000 yen per gb of standard memory, but high end models like sandisk extreme, lexar professional, etc. seem considerably marked up in Japan.

As for the psp, it depends on what country you are from. As far as I understand UMD games are generally region free, but movies are region coded. You country will determine what kind of adapter you will need to charge it, however you could always charge by USB.
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cheaper 2009/4/22 17:57
You can get regular flash memory for digital cameras, for WAY less than 1000 yen/GB.

I bought two Transcend brand 8G SDHC cards less than 4000 yen. That's around 250yen/GB

If you buy Sandisk Extreme III 8G it will cost about 4500yen, but that's still only around 550yen/GB.

If you head out of the Electric Town exit(NW exit) and head west, then cross the main road at the lights right under the railway line, then keep going along the lane.
At the first cross lane to the right, there a quite a few places to buy flash memory.
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... 2009/4/22 18:16
Of course there are deals everywhere out there. But 1000 yen/gb is a pretty typical non-sale price for a name brand sd card at a big name retailer.

But of course shop the sales, I've seen no name 8gb cards for as low as 1500 yen, but an 8gb Sandisk Extreme 3 SDHC will still run you around 6000 yen.

Do a search on http://www.kakaku.com for the best prices. Travellers may find it difficult to order from or find the stores listed there but it give a good idea of the price of things so you know whats a good deal when you see it.

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prices 2009/4/23 07:51
Doron asked for good places to find flash memeory cheap.

Those are the places & the prices!!! ;)
If he follows my instructions, he will find what he wants for close to the prices I stated.

Transcend is the largest seller of flash memory in the world, so it's a name brand.
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... 2009/4/23 11:22
Sorry, I'm not trying to contradict your advice, in fact I'll be heading down to Tokyo myself this weekend and will probably check it out since I could use another SDHC card.

Its just that Doron didn't tell us what kind of memory he needs, and other formats tend to be more expensive than SD/SDHC. Also,
its important to know what regular prices are so you know when you see a deal.


Follow Sandy's advice and if you find a brand you like for 250 yen/gb then thats a great deal and go for it. Also, be aware that Sandy's prices refer to SDHC cards. Other formats may be more expensive.
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Cheap!! 2009/4/26 17:56
I went past a couple of places at Akihabara on my way to a cheap photo shop, and I saw (and bought!!) another Transcend 8G SDHC card for only 1680yen!! And because it was the SofMap discount shop, I got another 10% off (onto my point card), so it ended up at around 1520yen!!
I also got a 4G card, as they were only 740yen (670yen). That's lens than 170 ye/G !!!

That shop is only about 30m from the place I mentioned in an earlier post.
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