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Sephora in Japan 2009/4/22 23:33
Tokyo 23-ku
Hi can anyone tell me if there is a Sephora store in Tokyo? Google reports say they've pulled out but I can't read the .jp site to make sure. supposed to be a store in Ginza.. any information appreciated!
by Kate (guest)  

... 2009/4/23 12:04
I know there used to be one store in Shibuya (years ago) but as far as I know, they've pulled out of Japan.
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no more sephoras 2009/4/27 21:23
no there are no more sephoras in japan... There used to be about 7 of them but they were all pulled about 6 or 7 years ago
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gone?? 2009/5/21 02:53
I want to know the answer myself as I saw someone carrying a Sephora shopping bag in the Yokohama train station a few days ago.
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... 2009/5/21 08:58
Maybe that person just got back from the US or something? Sephora came to Japan in 1999, and pulled out in 2001.
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