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how to write kanji pretty 2009/4/23 02:35
I'm beginning to learn Japanese Kanji and memorizing it has been fairly easy, but I'm having trouble making the Kanji characters look pretty on paper. Does anyone have any tips on how to make it look prettier?
by spongebob (guest)  

... 2009/4/23 12:30
Good handwriting only comes with practice even for native users of the language :)

One tip would be to learn and keep the balance between the different parts of the kanji - if you can find a textbook/workbook with the kanji written with handwritten pen style (as against print fonts) in large square grid, you will see the balance between "hen" (the left vertical half) vs. "tsukuri" (the rest on the right), "kanmuri" (top part) vs. the rest, etc. Learning this balance would help :)
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order and type of stroke 2009/4/23 16:36
Are you properly following the stroke order as well as the way of strokes such as hane, tome, harai?

For example, when writing the kanji 大 you write in the order of the (1) horizontal line, (2) the stroke towards the left, then (3) the stroke towards the right. The stroke order is a practical way to write each kanji correctly as well as beautifully.

Also in 大 the first stroke ends with tome where you stop your pen there for a moment, the second stroke should sort of stream a bit, then the third stroke should stream boldly. Try to follow these dynamics, and your kanji will appear more beautifully.

By Googling how to write kanji you can find websites that will help your penmanship on-line.
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. 2009/4/25 04:11
thanks both of you. yup im doing the strokes in the correct order. i guess ill just keep practicing and practicing! thanks again!
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