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Kobe from Osaka on Kansai Thru Pass 2009/4/23 21:12
Osaka City
Hi everyone,
I need some help as i am deciding on whether to purchase kansai 2day pass.

I'll be based in Osaka, doing 1 day of kobe(Rokkosan) and 1 day of kyoto(Fushimi inari & sanjo/shijo). Will the pass be worth it? I did some search and need some confirmation.

1) Hankyu bus from Rokko station to Rokkosan pasture - 760yen, Is this covered by the pass?

2) Does the pass cover the bus services on rokkosan?

3)Rokkosan cable car then bus to Hankyu Rokko station - Is this covered by the pass?

Any help will be so greatly appreciated. Thanks!
by NutZ17  

kansai 2day pass 2009/4/24 15:47
I don't think kansai 2day pass (maybe 4,000 yen) will be worth for your plan.
You will not use Hankyu Line
Rokko station is on Hankyu Line not on JR. You can not use Hankyu Line, Hankyu bus, nor Rokkosan cable car by kansai 2day pass.
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... 2009/4/24 16:07
taku0208 seems to be referring to the JR West Kansai Area Pass.

But I am wondering whether NutZ17 might be referring to the Kansai Thru Pass, as suggested by the thread's title.

In case NutZ17 refers to the Kansai Thru Pass, I still am not sure whether the pass pays off. The round trip from Osaka to Kobe and Kyoto is under 1000 yen each. You will also be able to use it on subways, buses and non-JR trains in Kyoto, which might save you around 500 to 1000 yen. That compares to 3800 yen for the 2-day pass.

Hankyu Bus seems to be generally covered by the Kansai Thru Pass, so I imagine that the buses around Mount Rokko are covered, but I cannot confirm. The cablecars and ropeways on Mount Rokko, however, do not seem to be covered.
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Re 2009/4/24 16:47
Sorry, I understand the Kansai Thru Pass. As you mentioned, Hankyu bus is covered by the Kansai Thru Pass. But cable cars and rope ways are not covered by the Pass. You can go to Rokkosan pasture from Hankyu Rokko station by Hankyu bus, but you can't go by Rokkosan cable car. And the Hankyu bus is used at Mount Rokko area, for example "Top of Rokko-san cable car", "Top of Mt. Rokko", "Front of Rokko-san Hotel", "Rokkosan pasture", "Mt. Maya", Top of Maya-san rope way", etc.
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Thanks! 2009/4/24 21:10
Thanks Uji and Taku0208.

Yes i am referring to Kansai Thru Pass(2days-3800Yen).

My detailed travel as follows
1) Subway to Umeda - 270yen(covered)
2) Hankyu to Rokko - 310yen(covered)
3) Bus to Rokkosan pasture - 760yen(covered)
4) Bus to Hall of Halls Rokko - 290yen?(covered)
5) Cable car and bus to Hankyu Rokko - 660yen (NOT covered - need to pay 460yen for cable)
6) Hankyu to Umeda - 310yen(covered)
7) Subway home - 270yen(covered)

Total fare covered by pass - 2410yen

Since the cable car from rokko top to bottom not covered by the pass, think it wont pay off, otherwise, it may barely pay off since 2nd day of kyoto shld also incur at least 1000yen of traveling. provided all hankyu bus around rokko area including rokkosan covered.

Nonetheless think wont be getting the pass unless there are major changes in travelling plans, in that case, wil like to ask, where can i purchase the pass? and the pass need not be use on 2 consecutive days right?

Once again, thanks for the replies!

Oh yes, does anyone have anything to mention abt the hall of halls rokko music box musuem, is it worth the effort? thinking of doing the sake brewery at Nada or the music box musuem. many thanks.
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Sake is brewed in the winter 2009/5/4 02:12
I recommend the Halls of Halls if you want to make your own music box.
If the weather is good try to stay until the late evening on Mt Rokko so you can see the great night scenic view. The lookout is in the immediate vicinity of the Rokko Cable Sanjo Station.

Only go to the sake museum if you really love sake and want to pay to watch a short video on how it is made and then pay extra to try a couple of types of that brewer's sake.
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