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Registering for Comiket/Gataket? 2009/4/26 15:41
Hi all,

I want to attend the Comiket in August and the Gataket (in Niigata) in May to buy doujinshi and stuff...

Do I need to register in advance or can I pay on the day for admission?

Also does anyone know how typically expensive the products are? (so I know how much to save up ^^)

by ANGEL (guest)  

Comiket 2009/4/26 17:51

There is no admission fee, unless you are a cosplayer, and no need to register in advance, unless you are a seller.
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comiket 2009/4/27 23:25
Comiket is like a huge otaku fleamarket more than an American anime convention.

Every table sells their own privately created goods for their own set prices. You can preview goods on the artists' webpages before visiting. Some smaller software companies (particularly eroge producers) and retail chains also have larger booths up offering exclusive goods which are very expensive on average and tend to sell out.

unknown groups usually sell their books for between 100-500 yen each. Larger circles and larger books will sell for more (usually between 500-1000). Compilations and color-page works will be even more expensive (800-2500).

There are also cds, software, goods, clothing, jewelry, accessories, models, dolls, etc available which range in price from extremely cheap to outrageously expensive.

Larger companies usually offer their goods in packs for between 3000-8000 yen each... these are extremely desireable for otaku and tend to sell out -- they come in colorful souvenier bags from the companies. Some otaku want the bags more than the goods and sell the contents back to 2nd hand shops the day after.

The event itself is free and EXTREMELY crowded. You will have some trouble bearing the heat and the wait in line. Last year, with over 2 million attendees, we were still waiting to enter the hall at 11:30pm... in extreme heat.
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