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Question about tea and young j-people 2009/4/27 23:51
Hi, i'm actually working on a project of japanese art gallery / tearoom, and i need to make some research about that topic.
So the only thing I would like to know, is if young japanese people (i mean, around 20-25) are still in touch with the tradition of tea ceremony and that kind of stuff around tea culture, because maybe it's too traditionnal for most of them.
Anyway, I'd be glad if you could help me a little bit about that ;)
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. 2009/4/29 14:32
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Tea 2009/5/2 07:13
Most young people are not into tea. The tea ceremony is slow and focused. Most young people just want to go out and have fun with their friends. There are quite a few tea schools in Japan but most of the students are older. Also studying tea can be very expensive because you need the clothes, and tools not to mention a special room. I have never studied tea but I have partaken in quite a few tea ceremonies and it is a wonderful experience. With 2 kids my life is too busy right now but I often wish for a slower time when I can just focus in on tea. Good luck with your research.
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