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Dress for barbeque party 2009/4/29 13:46
Hi..I am invited to a barbeque party by a japanese friend. The crowd will be young and gathering is informal.No dress code is specified but I do not want to stand out by either overdressing or by being too casual.
What do you suggest?I am thinking of a denim skirt, trendy half sleeves button down shirt and a light cardigan with a pair of closed toe wedges.Will it be approptrite? I have herad japanese girls are very particular about their dressing at such events and I don't want to look odd.Not to mention I really want to look special for this event since someone I really care for will be at that party.Pleas e let me know asap since the party is on Saturday.
by Maxi (guest)  

Perfect 2009/4/29 17:52
All the BBQ parties I've been to were "jeans and T-shirts" mode, so I think what you've chosen are perfect.

But if you want to look good in the presence of that special someone, try to choose trendy items. For example, as far as denim skirts are concerned, flared skirts aren't exactly "in" while tight skirts are. If you wish to wear the flared type, wear something of a lighter fabric.

Note that most guests will be bringing either a small pack of sweets or booze to share. Also, offer help at the kitchen. It will make a good impression on Japanese males:)
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Thanx!! 2009/4/30 08:41
Thank you Uco.
Yes I am thinking of a short tight denim skirt.I feel relieved now.
And that's a nice tip..I will definitely take a bottle of wine or a crate of beer to share. And though I am not very good at cooking will offer my help.
Thank you very much...
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