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Contraceptive w/o a prescription 2009/4/29 17:36
I've read other messages throughout this forum about contraceptive, but what about bringing contraceptive w/o a prescription? I want to bring the morning after pill a.k.a Plan B with me when I go to Japan. Is it possible just to keep it in it's original package or do I need a prescription to be allowed to bring it into the country?
Thank you.
by janet (guest)  

... 2009/4/29 19:26

As far as I know and understand, the "morning after" pill is just a stronger version of the regular contraceptive that you take daily, and it is also available in Japan (through a doctor, though), so the substance is not banned in Japan, so you can bring in personal use quantity of that into Japan without any permit/declaration. It is recommended to bring it in the original package or with the label, so that *in case* the customs officials happen to do a random luggage check, find it, and ask you what it is, you can show easily what it is.
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thank you 2009/4/30 15:51
thank you very much. this helped clear up the confusion ^_^
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